In progress
  • I work on a Comsol code to model volcanic eruptions(collaboration beetween ISTERRE and LAMA).
  • I also work on code modeling dropplets on a windshield, written in Julia(collaboration beetween LOCIE and LAMA). See Here for the numerical method implemented by Nicolas Cellier.
Previous projects
  • I worked a bit on the coupling of the MESA code (1D stelar evolution code) with the ESTER code (2D stellar structure code), when I was at IRAP, Toulouse. I also implemented a few things in the parser of the TOP code (stellar oscilation code).
  • I did my second postdoc at IPGP, Paris, working on an evaluation of efficiency and accuracy of time steppers used in numerical simulations of the Earth's core.
  • During my first post doc at the university of Leeds, I worked on stellar convection. I develloped a 3D anvelastic convection code (Fortran 90). It can be used for local simulations (in cartesain geometries), of convective flows. Rotation was then implemented, and the coupling with magnetic field is under testing.
  • Video of entropy fluctuactions near the bottom of the convective zone, in a simulation with a density contrast of 50. (AC50 case in Kessar2019 )

  • And before that I did my PHD at LEGI and ISTERRE (Grenoble, France). I was focusing on helical turbulence and Large Eddy simulations of MHD flows.